The tsunami of information inundating organisations makes it difficult to understand the correlation between the current situation and the scenarios that could unfold. 

When historical data is an amalgam of structured, semi structured, and unstructured it adds further complexity.

The amount of data across our network is rapidly evolving into “Big Data” environments. 

Requiring data scientists and technologists to collaborate to develop applications and platforms that support this scale of data when traditional corporate enterprise systems fail to manage these volumes of non-relational data.

All this information needs to be organised, validated, referenced, analysed, then converted into formats that make sense to our customer so it can inform their decision-making processes.

Business Information (BI) systems have evolved into the visualisation realm with tools that deliver charts, graphs, and interactive dashboards that display up to the second information and the ability to quickly drill into the detailed data that provides insight and further informs decision making.

Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are constantly evolving and continue to add increased value to the historical data as it is reprocessed. Advanced tools continue to discover new information at an ever-increasing level of acuity. Constantly increasing the accuracy of predictive analytic software with trend predictions and scenario modelling. Historical data will continue to have business value as it can be reprocessed as new tools become available.

The use of visualisation applications enables the delivery of information in a manner that is meaningful to the situation and increases the level of situational awareness.

Geographical Information Systems (GIS) provide the most intuitive platforms available to display sensor data gathered over a diverse geographical environment deliver meaningful and actionable information to our customers.

Hayden Data provides advanced analytics to our customers across each stream of our Awareness Platform. Culminating in our Situational Awareness Stream that delivers aggregated information to deliver a single pane of glass view for our customers to understand their environments and make informed decisions.