Environmental Stream

The Environmental Stream is about understanding the environmental impact on your assets through understanding the local weather that is currently or going to impact your assets.

Hayden Data has ensured that our weather stations are of a level that is accurate enough to be used by weather forecasting organisations to augment their current data and fill in the gaps for those areas where they do not have high quality weather observations available.

Weather can also impact assets that are already showing signs of decline in their structural integrity.

If the approaching weather is going to increase the risk of structural failure, then having the awareness to know this enables our customers to take action to minimize the impact on their network or have sufficient time to remediate the risk until it can be removed entirely.

For our environments that need to understand historical weather events within a determined area that may have contributed to an increase in risk.

For instance, in a high-risk bushfire area, understanding things like rainfall over the past 12 months, and knowing current moisture levels, wind speed and direction, temperature, and humidity all assist in understanding the risk profile for a given area. Before an event occurs. 

For our energy customers who want to deploy or replace wooden power poles the environmental elements and conditions can be taken into consideration to determine the best type of pole, particular species of tree used, and structural support required to ensure the maximum lifetime of the asset before it is installed. Gathering information that would not be considered confidential from across all our customers, will assist our customers to glean information that is beneficial to them and to the communities that they support.

Our UV sensors can also assist our customers and communities to understand localise risk for UV exposure. For field workforces and for community infrastructure such as playgrounds and outdoor sporting facilities this information can make people aware of the risks that impact them in their local environment and then take the actions to protect themselves.