Hayden Data Awareness Platform

The Hayden Data Awareness Platform intuitively delivers situational awareness to our customers, enabling them to make effective critical decisions. This is accomplished with the following elements: data, analytics, and user experience.


The following can be used as part of the Awareness Platform.

  • Our sensors
  • Data from our system
  • Third party sensor networks 
  • Data from our customers
  • Data from our partners 
  • Public data
  • Analyzed and processed information
  • Third party data feeds


The sensor networks transmit data to the Hayden Data Analytics environment, where it is processed to deliver the necessary information required to enable: 

  • Sensor data and threshold trigger alerting
  • Situational awareness
  • Event workflow automation
  • Trend and predictive analytics 
  • Aggregation of multiple systems

User Experience

The data is all visualized through the Hayden Data Geospatial visualization tool.