Operational Stream

The Operational Stream of the Awareness Platform has been designed to provide additional information on the operational status and performance of a customer’s assets from data collected from the sensor network, combined with other available data and aggregated into the Hayden Data Analytics services.

The Smart Cities sector of the Operational Stream is focused on monitoring the urban environment to measure against the asset’s performance against organizational and community plans and expectations.

Urban Plans are developed by local authorities to meet community, environmental, and economic goals across timeframes up to 30 years. Strategic Community and Corporate Business plans anticipate outcomes and benefits of the plan along with specified criteria to measure the outcomes.

The traditional process is based on a detailed review conducted every 5 years across areas such as:

  • The Informing Strategies in the Local Planning Scheme and Strategy
  • Integrated planning activities across economic development, movement network, sustainability, community infrastructure plans, etc…
  • Precinct Plans that cover activity centers, transit precincts, activity corridors, and character and heritage precincts.

The challenge this creates is if an urban design is flawed or there are changes in conditions that impact the ability to meet community, environmental, and economic goals, the 5 year reviews will only show the impact these changes have had. The delta between the current state is difficult, if not impossible, to address in a time frame that would allow it to meet the original strategic goals. In most cases, the cost of making the necessary changes can outweigh the benefits and the impact of the adjustment can be detrimental to the community.

To assist in overcoming this challenge, monitoring components of the Urban Plan through IOT data from:

  • Traffic flow
  • Community engagement across infrastructure, activity centers, transit precincts, and community centers
  • Weather and environmental measurements
  • Pollutants and particulate matter
  • Smoke and Gas
  • Water and air quality

The Urban Stream can provide insights into the current performance of the urban environment, how it is being interacted with, and the outcomes of those engagements.

The data can be processed through the Hayden Data Analytics environment to provide an ongoing view of the performance of the current environment against the desired outcomes. When changes of a differential nature are detected, and trend analysis determines that the deviation will impact the ability to achieve the longer term goals, and adjustments to the plan can be undertaken in a timeframe that will ensure minimal impact whilst still achieving the original objectives.