Situational Awareness Stream

Psychologist Mica Endsley developed a model of situation awareness with three main aspects: perception, comprehension, and anticipation. 

Situational awareness is your conceptual understanding of what is going on around you or the assets you are responsible for. With clear and concise knowledge of all the elements that will impact them.

IoT data, aggregated information, and cues from the environment all come together to form one detailed picture so you are able to grasp the true situation and use that knowledge to anticipate what could occur and take action to manage it.

In times of emergency where there is a compelling need for accurate and timely information the Hayden Data Situational Awareness Stream can provide the platform that meets this need through our Geographical Information Systems (GIS) based visualisation platform.

They Hayden Data Emergency Management Platform is an aggregated Cloud based visualisation platform that:

  • Provides a borderless view of historical and current observations
  • Predicted future scenarios by leveraging advanced Artificial Intelligence technologies for predictive and trend analytics. 
  • Delivers a single point of view for Local Governments and Emergencies Services throughout the year
  • Deliverers an environment to support and assist communities and Emergency Services during a time of crisis.

This accurate scientific based reporting platform can:

  • Deliver accurate reports to assist communities on understanding exposure to hazardous chemicals, carcinogens, and other irritants contained within smoke
  • Impact on infrastructure such as bridges from pressure exerted from flood surges, surface loads, impacts and wind, hurricane, or tornado related events
  • Cause and effect correlation against the data collected from each local government’s technology sensor platform.
  •  Assisted in developing meaningful mitigation strategies
  • Enhance and improve Business Continuity plans to reflect realistic situations and experiences
  • Provide additional information and data to assist forensic investigations to determine root cause analysis for activities that may have contributed to the emergency

Our energy customers can use this environment to bring together the maintenance, operational, and environmental streams to provide a single detailed overview of their entire environment with the ability to drill down to specific areas. Even down to sensor level to interrogate information about their assets.