In 2009, one of Australia’s worst bushfires destroyed more than 2000 homes, burned more than 450,000 hectares of land, injured 414 people, and caused the death of 173 people.  Ultimately, some of the Victorian utilities were found culpable in starting 11 of the 15 fires that caused this devastation.

As part of the remediation process, one of our founders and CTO, Iain Puddy, believed at-risk utility pole bushfires could be identified in advance of catastrophic events.  This belief materialized as a proof of concept pole monitoring solution which utilized IOT and mesh networking technologies. The device was able to identify the poles that needed immediate replacement and monitored for changes in the structural condition that would allow sufficient time to act with the goal of avoiding another bushfire incident.


First power pole sensor prototypes were built and demonstrated


First power pole sensor pilot project with Powercor, VIC, AUSTRALIA


First light pole sensor pilot project with the SKYLAND Bicycle Track in Bangkok, THAILAND

First harbour channel marker sensor pilot project with the Victorian Regional Channel Authority (VRCA), VIC, AUSTRALIA


Power pole sensor pilot projects with Essential Energy, NSW and Western Power, WA, AUSTRALIA


U.S. based investors valuation and proof of concept.


Hayden Data Systems incorporates, establishes Chattanooga TN headquarters, and identifies a manufacturing pipeline where first production model devices are manufactured.


Sales / marketing campaign.