About Hayden Data

The relationship between electricity consumption and the output of an economy (GDP per capita) exists. Business in a developed country relies on electricity. Regardless of the source of electric power, lighting, heating, communication rely on electricity to get certain tasks done for business, education, and home. When a power grid fails, electricity suddenly becomes more expensive for every consumer. Power grid maintenance passed along to consumers influence GDP globally.. The point is the relationship between electricity usage and output of the country is important at the end of the day. Power outages cause mini recessions every time any event causes the outage.

Hayden Data – Meshnet Technology

Fortunately, a unique power-grid outage solution is available!

Hayden Data has developed and deployed prototype hardware with data collection software uniquely through “Innovative Solutions” to electric energy companies.

The Hayden Data system packaged into an aluminum enclosure attached to a utility pole. While globally millions of utility poles offer immediate application, other applications include many types of structures benefiting from monitoring and data collection insuring integrity, safety, and early failure warning.

Volatility of electric power grids is a global concern. meshnet technology is the energy system of the future. Successful deployment of existing prototype Pilot installations demonstrate this technology can increases electric grid stability, and contribute to reduced cost of energy to consumers. Hayden Data equipped power grids contribute to the ultimate smart grid. Hayden Data is an opportunity to transform the global electric grid.

Hayden Data technology provides measurement of structural deterioration, hazardous events, and specific GPS location of an event causing a power outage. The technology includes weather-reporting, measures air conditions often associated with forest fires, and visual reporting, sending data through 4G autonomous system node, like an internet router, to the master control station of the electric energy company.

Applications for Hayden Data technology is not exclusive to utility poles. The technology is applicable for bridges, buildings, tunnels, harbor and ocean buoys, offshore drilling platforms, and early warning detection of catastrophic proportion, including military.

Hayden Data technology can be installed using drones.